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that was the end, that was everything dying [entries|friends|calendar]

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7:50pm April 21st]
[ mood | bored ]

i saw the panic!!!!!!1111 at the disco video today for "i write sins, not tradgedies" and my eyes and ears bled...ew.

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OMGGGgGZZZZZZzzzzz [Thursday
12:15am April 6th]
[ mood | annoyed ]

ANTM made me physically ill tonight...

i seriously think i might boycott. seriously.

jade is an ugly, cunty, fucking OLD demonwhore.

how could you, tyra??! GOD!

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5:46pm April 5th]
[ mood | waaaah ]

alex got here on friday night and he left today. lots of picturesCollapse )
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10:18am March 10th]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i can honestly say that HIM is the worst fucking band ever. why are they popular? i don't get it. every time i see the video for "wings of a butterfly" or whatever i have to remind myself that it isn't a joke, that it's a REAL FUCKING BAND! oh my god! i've never seen anything so corny in my life! now, i took the time to try to figure out what is being said in the chorus, and all i know is that one line says "rip out the wings of a buuuutterfly, for your souull!" jesus fucking christ. WHAT? oh and the singer is like, a balding weird looking freak and he tries to be seductive in like, slow motion, but he just looks...old..and weird..and..god..i am dying over this. there are no words. whenever i see a *HeArTaGrAm* OmGGGzzzz!11 on some 14 year old's purse or fucking patch covered hoodie, i want to shoot myself. i remember the first time alex and i actually heard HIM. we were just sitting there in disgust, in complete silence, mouths agape. srsly. ew.

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10:19am January 9th]
[ mood | anxious ]

i'm going to attempt to get my license today.

holy crap.

wish me luck!

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12:55pm January 8th]
[ mood | hopeful ]

that fucking bitch is going to fucking give away my dog.

if ANYONE is willing to take my 8 month old puppy, zombie for about a year..PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! alex and i will pay YOU to take him..anyone that could provide him a good home..would be so appreciated..he is such a sweetheart..he is a black lab & golden retriever mix and he is also part sharpei..he is black with a patch of white on his chest and white paws and i promise anyone would fall in love with him. if someone is willing to take this puppy for a year please let me know asap..otherwise alex's crazed aunt is giving him to the spca..alex was going to pay them weekly to take care of zombie and they agreed..but suddenly they want to give him away after alex has only been moved out a week.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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ANTM RANTING. [Wednesday
8:56pm November 23rd]

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omgz public. [Friday
8:20pm October 28th]
[ mood | bored ]

it's official, i'm moving to north carolina on november 9th. mark your fucking calendars.

our halloween party is tomorrow..yay :) there will be lots of pictures to follow.

the other night we went to the haunted catacombs/house of horrors/some maze thingys with alex's mom and stepdad and it was a lot of fun. i was really scared and i screamed a lot. however, it made me think of the lietersburg haunted house, and i got nostalgic. sigh. good times.

alex and i might go see Saw 2 tonight. i really hope he isnt too tired to go beacuse i want to see it and we haven't been to a movie since 40 year old virgin/wedding crashers at the drive-in.

zombie has his first vet's appointment on monday. i seriously pity the doctor because my dog will tear his shit up. haha.

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i know it's a day early, but.. [Thursday
1:47pm September 1st]
[ mood | !!!! ]


i love you!!!! bffs!!1. i owe you a gift...don't worry..you'll definitely get one from me eventually.

i'm posting this now because i dont think i'll be around much tomorrow.

don't click unless you like paris hilton's vagina.Collapse )

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9:43pm August 31st]
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2:49pm August 6th]
let's see. yesterday alex and i sat around until noon, when he went to work. i cut my hair out of boredom, showered, and put on makeup. then i walked to rite-aid and picked up my totally sweet $295.00 paycheck. i did whatthefuckever around the house until 5ish. tracy picked me up and i hung out with her and her roommate mike for a while. i spilled slurpee all over the floor in 7-11, because i am apparently incompetent and cannot put lids on cups properly. i realize that this should have made me feel like a moron, but nothing really does anymore. i should have been embarassed, but wasn't. i came home, and alex and i went to the lovejoy carnival specifically to buy cotton candy. came home again, ordered subs, ate, went to bed with the intention of fucking..but didn't because i decided i ate entirely too much junk that day and felt disgusting. then we argued because i bit his glasses. i fell asleep. i woke up this morning at 11:24 and hung out with alex until he went to work. now, i am sitting here typing this and eating some of my cotton candy. i have to go to work at 4:45-10:15. short shifts are alright. i don't have to work tomorrow..so i am content.

i wish i had a digital camera, and prettier clothes.
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11:00am July 26th]
[ mood | cheerful ]

a lot has gone on in the past few days, but i don't really feel like typing too much so i will outline the main events.

last thursday was ozzfest. it was fun. there were too many goths and scenesters, but they added to my amusement.

at ozzfest, i got the most disgusting and terrible sunburn imaginable. i will not describe it to you, because you will puke. *peels*

WE GOT A PUPPY. he is an 8-week old black lab/golden retriever/sharpei mix. he is so adorablelelelfjskfgjdaskfds. he's brownish-black with little white paws and a white patch on his tummy. we named him Zombie, because alex and i are both obsessed with zombies and it seemed like the only fitting name. (omg tracy i did not copy your kitty, srsly my bf suggested it and i had to agree even though i was like I KNOW SOMEONE WITH A CAT NAMED ZOMBIE) but yes. we love him tons. he's so cute and playful. ^_^

i dyed my hair. it was like black before, but fading to a greenish blue color due to the fact that i dyed over that teal business i had going on a month or two ago. sooo i bought some color stripper and used it, then dyed over it with a golden brown color. its pretty, and light. i had to start drawing my brows on with brown because black didnt match.

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2:06pm July 2nd]
[ mood | bored ]

if things go well, alex and i should be getting a puppy soon :) i'm enthralled. i'm not enthralled, however, about the fact that he has to work overnights all next week, and i will have to sleep alone and be scared of killers and rapists breaking in. wow, i'm a pussy.

my grandma just asked me if i was on the pill and i lied and said yes. haha. i should probably get on that.

i finished drawing my tattoo yesterday, i really like it, and i can't wait until i get my first paycheck so i can get it started soon.

speaking of paychecks, i got the rite-aid job. i'm not going to start for a few days because they're doing a background check on me to make sure i am not a serial killer or a tax-cheater.

degrassi last night, oh my god, it totally went there (gonnorhea style.) oh, emma.

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11:15am June 30th]
[ mood | bored ]

how has everyone been in lj world? sweet.

umm, mainly alex and i have been sitting around and chillin. we had a watergun/hose fight the other day, and yesterday alex trashpicked a set of encyclopedias in lovejoy.

we started planning for the zombie movie we are going to make this summer. its going to be like 30 minutes long and i'm doing makeup/effects and alex is doing the script and it's going to be so hot and very bloody. we're going to need a lot of people to be in it, so, keep your eyes peeled for info on that. i'm so excited because some days are just too incredibly boring and we really need something to occupy our time. it's going to be fun, i can't wait.

i have an interview at rite-aid today at 2:00. i really hope that i get the job, because it is within walking distance and rite-aid doesnt seem like such a terrible place to work. wish me luck :)

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10:24am June 19th]

i'm not fucking hiding anything, anonymous hagerstown/smithsburg cunts. go live your pathetic hick lives and get out of my lj.
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2:00pm June 18th]
this is me these days:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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6:51pm June 16th]
[ mood | good ]

alex is at work and i am so insanely bored. i'm supposed to be unpacking/cleaning our room and stuff right now but i am taking a little break. we went to see head automatica the other night, and decided we both hate everyone, but the show was reallllyy fucking fun anyway. they played a lot of new songs, and we couldnt tell if this one was called "pulling muscles from a shell" or "pulling muscles from michele." lol. in general, life is pretty good. the sex on a regular basis is clearing my skin up, and i feel pretty good about myself these days. i love hormones!! i do not love not having anything to do, or being broke, so some serious job hunting is in order soon. i really want to meet/hang out with rhianna >:O !! arg. oh yeah last night alex and i attempted to get drunk on vodka and jones soda, but i was the only one who ended up wasted. alex can hold his alcohol. damn. whatev. at his birthday party i will make sure to get him hella drunk. i'm sure his friends will help too.

i miss kristy, rob, amy, and sara!!! <3

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11:34am June 14th]
yay! i totally live with alex now!
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B-) [Saturday
4:09pm May 14th]
[ mood | chipper ]

don't be jealous that i got the new system of a down album in the mail three days before it comes out.

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10:53am May 11th]
[ mood | apathetic ]

last night i saw house of wax with my dad. it was so scary/disgusting. ughhgfmkhlgsmngk. paris+night vison=lololol.

there is absolutely no way i am going to that soad show tonight unless my dad pulls something. meh. its okay, i didnt have my hopes up for this one. lol.

i got out of school early today because i do not feel well. so the nurse called my dad and he let me go home.

my birthday is this sunday, and i'm not even excited. none of my family will be home, alex wont be here, and i dont even know about the party.

i want to get a tattoo or new piercing soon.

on a positive note: i am VERY excited for prom :D

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